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Keynotes & workshops are customised to each group

A testimonial from one of 60+ people who attended a Habit-Hacking workshop at the 2018 Chisholm Institute 'Transforming Lives' Staff Conference. Credit: Chisholm Institute 2018.


“ Young people want to be inspired by people who are real...people who are
relevant...and people who are genuinely passionate about their message. Sam
is all of these things and more. Sam is the ultimate role model. He walks his
talk and his life journey is one that anyone can draw something from. He is wise
beyond his years, yet so easy to connect with. His delivery is authentic yet
professional and he is an excellent communicator. He provides real, practical
advice that can be immediately actioned. Sam understands how to craft a
presentation, keeping his audience engaged and his message fluent. When we
look for speakers, we look for people that an audience can look at and think
“this could be me.” In that department, Sam is a stand out - I hope we can help
take his message to teenagers across the world. “
— Matt Kershaw, CEO yLead
“ Sam is that rare combination – a confident and engaging personality
who is humble enough to make the audience shine rather than himself.
His message was both practical and holistic, encouraging students to
focus on their whole lives, not just the academic side. Sam gave good
advice on how to manage time loads, expectations and how to balance
your life and stay sane in VCE. The students loved him and were
changed by the experience of working with him. Sam is an asset to any
organisation seeking to improve results, culture, and wellbeing among its students and personnel. ”
— Chaplin, Lakeside College
“ Extremely engaging, fun and interactive. I learnt a lot about breaking, making & maintaining habits.[Now I] know what I need to do and realise it will take time. A very enjoyable workshop. Highly recommended. ”

“ Very engaging with audiences. ”

“ Gave something practical that I can use in everyday life. ”

“ Fun and motivational. ”
— Educators, Chisholm Institute