A brief history & trajectory


PAST         Head Trainer at Doncaster Football Club (Age 16-21)

B. Physio (Honours) at Monash University

             Honours thesis: Current trends in physiotherapy practice for the management of tendon pain


PRESENT      Offering Injury Prevention Masterclasses, Pilates classes, 'Feeling Groovy' (Over60s) Exercise classes, & 1-on-1 consultations             

             Assessing & treating AFL players as a volunteer physiotherapist at the Western Bulldogs (Mondays)

             Sports Trainer with the Footscray Bulldogs

             Based of a sports medicine clinic in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, AUS


FUTURE       Completing a Masters of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University (2018-2022)

             Exploring & researching the use of words & language in evolving the physiotherapy profession and the healthcare ecosystem