Oo-Rah Jars

A simple habit build a happier version of ourselvesreinforce new learnings, & focus on beginning tomorrow constructively 


Oo Rah Jars

'Oo Rah' is most commonly used as a verbal greeting or an expression of motivation in the U.S. Marine Corps

'Oo Rah' also means "charge"

That is, to move forward

I first learned of the 'Oo Rah' phrase in 2012, and have since used 'Oo Rah Jars' in a daily habit to build a happier version of myselfreinforce new learnings, & focus on beginning tomorrow constructively

A recipe for building your own Oo Rah Jars is below

p.s. Scientific research supporting this habit is available


Pen x 1

Paper (A4) x 1

Jar x 1



Cut or tear paper into small pieces

Take a piece of paper

scribble down (3 or more of...)

● Something you are grateful for
● A moment where you experienced joy
● An achievement (big or small)
● Something you learned
● Something you'll do differently tomorrow
● The name of someone who helped you today

Place the pieces of paper into your oo-rah jar

Leave overnight

Repeat daily

p.s. Typing three 'things' using a phone is a handy alternative.

You can scribble things onto paper later on, if you like. 

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