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Aspiring to exemplify a good & wholesome life.
Sam Suke | Suke


Honouring the giants on whose shoulders I stand, especially my family & this global village.
Sam Suke_Physio


Researching, educating and working so that others may move and feel better than they did before. 
Specialising in the immediate effect that words have on pain, movement and performance.
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 Volunteer surf lifesaver.
Clowning around with Patch and Sophie in St. Petersburg

Clowning around with Patch and Sophie in St. Petersburg

(Humanitarian) Clown

Dr Patch Adams is the original clown doctor. You may have seen the 1998 movie 'Patch Adams' starring Robin Williams - well, this man inspired the movie. 

Patch orchestrates humanitarian clowning trips across the globe. I have participated two trips (both of which were in Russia). I joined 30 humanitarian clowns from over 10 countries as we visited hospitals, orphanages & homes throughout Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

Humanitarian clowning is voluntary, rewarding & a bucket-load of fun. You can join in the fun of by travelling to Russia, Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco, Costa Rica, Peru, Japan & elsewhere (see the possibilities at PatchAdams.Org).